Why Choose Us

  • 1Honesty and IntegrityThe cornerstone of our success is the business honesty and integrity in which we work with clients and partners. We believe that our transparency with our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.
  • 2Proven Experience
    With 40 years of combined IT expertise, nothing comes close to having done it before. With a large array of IT projects successfully completed we have the resources with the relevant experience to deliver on small, medium and large projects.
  • 3We build and encourage strong relationshipOur clients are the most important thing to us. We build our business connections on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationships last years not months. We actively seek opportunities for both clients and suppliers, often going far beyond the traditional means of networking.
  • 4Expert service at a competitive priceSuperhuman brainpower has its price, but we promise to be reasonable and fair. In fact, if you’re not satisfied, we’re determined to make it right.


Our Mission

We are PMIT Solutions. We are a computer sales and services company based in Rathgar. We have more than 40 years combined experience in the IT business. We deal with home users and companies.

Computers are now an essential part of our everyday lives. Whether we are emailing, storing photo’s and music or simply browsing the internet, more and more of our time is spent using a computer. Most homes have multiple computers today since the price of laptops has dropped dramatically over the last few years. But like all technology, its only useful to us when its working properly.

Computers are like cars, they need to be serviced periodically to stay working at their best. The performance and speed of a computer changes the more we use them. Adding and removing software, downloading from the internet and music and photo uploading will see your computer slow down over time. This is normal but can be fixed easily. Sometimes people change their computers when a simple service would have given the existing one a new lease of life. Keeping your anti virus software up to date is essential today but often not enough. You need to keep all your programs up to date for security on the internet. This helps prevent viruses, spyware and other PUP’s from slowing your computer down or stopping it working altogether.

We provide a full service and maintenance function for your laptop and desktop. Call us today and find out what we can do for you. We can also provide a collect and return service in certain local area’s. You can also call us even if you just need some computer related advice.

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